Jan-Cayo Fiebig

General Partner

Cayo is the proud Co-Founder of CodersTrust, a Learn and Earn platform for Freelancers. During his stay in Bangladesh, he built CodersTrust to a team of 45 people, that has up to date created the largest online workforce in the country; initiating projects with Rockefeller Foundation, World Bank, UNDP, WFP and the Danish Development Fund. 

Cayo is a Founding Partner at the Nordic Impact Investing Network, connecting the venture ecosystem in the Nordics to drive action and capital flow through impact investments. He frequently is invited to speak at conferences about future of work and impact investing in emerging markets. His last idea materialised in developing the #1 app in the German app store that was downloaded more than 440.000 times. 

Cayo sees the potential of a borderless workforce, the power of emotional intelligence and the embracement of uncertainty. Being hit by a lightning, an earthquake and hurricane, he probably also believes in attracting natural phenomenons.