We're only looking to work with founders that give a damn.

You've got to be working on a solution that can impact the lives of the next 3 billion, whilst at the same time have at least one of the Social Development Goals set by the United Nations as a focus and using one of our earmarked exponential technologies to get you there.

To not waste your time, here are a few things that we are looking for:

- Founding teams, between 2-4 founders
- At least x1 technical founder
- A product / service model in the market
- A roadmap for targeting emerging markets

What we don't want to hear:

“We project $XXXM in revenue in 2019.”

Your five-year marketing financials and revenue projections are a shot in the dark. All forecasts are wrong (including ours). Instead, focus on your burn rate and your path toward achieving milestones rather than false precision at this stage.

“I have the next Facebook / Google / Twitter.”

If your business plan is built on copying what existing companies are already doing, you are unlikely to succeed. Instead, explain to us why you are the first in your field. A better social network than Facebook will receive substantial skepticism, but we have occasionally climbed past this skepticism. We will keep an open mind, but another “me too” product with slightly better features is seldom our cup of tea.

“We expect to grow from 50M to 150M users in x-time frame.”

We’re more interested in how you acquire your initial customers and how you keep them. Plans often fail to explain how the founders will bootstrap themselves in startup mode. How will you get to a large customer base in the first few months or quarters? Details matter more than broad, unsupported assumptions. If you have indicators or solutions to the bootstrapping risk, that is important to us

“I have a complete business plan; I just need funds to make it happen.”

Unfortunately, experience has led us to disagree. If you are looking solely for funds as opposed to help in building a business, we are probably not your best option. It is important to us to understand what help you need and how open you are to this help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we invest?

We focus on the Nordics and South East Asia and are looking for companies interested in expanding or exploring the ASEAN region. We currently invest in companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

How much do we invest?

We invest anywhere from pre-seed to Series A and bridge rounds. We typically look at companies raising anywhere from $250k - $1m. We work with local co-investors that bring added expertise and are committed to do follow up investments.

What do we invest in?

Startups that leverage exponential technology and the power of the internet to rapidly scale and disrupt existing industries that can impact the lives of the next 3 billion with at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals as a focus.

How do I pitch?

Anyone is welcome to complete the application online, but ideally you would be introduced to us through a member of our ambassador network - otherwise if you catch any one of us at an event, we urge you to give us your best 90 second pitch on the spot.

What do we offer?


We want you to focus on what matters the most: Impacting the next 3 Billion. Build your product and get a team of experts to co-create. Let our agencies help you to accelerate your growth in areas such as marketing, design, accounting, fundraising, engineering or legal.


Getting the first paying customer is key to success. We build lasting partnerships with industry to make sure to get your product and services out to customersasap.  Our Hub in Cyberjaya is the ideal test ground to ideate, collaborate and work together with our partners and your future customers.

Regional Expansion

With a clear focus on emerging markets inAsia we have local partners in each country. We co-create with local resources to tap local expertise and help open new networks. We have established our growth Hub in Cyberjaya, Malaysia giving us access to 3 billion people, hundreds of entrepreneurs, successful mentors and industry partners.


We know you’re raising money to hire great talent and we try to help source that talent for you. Our events plug us into great developers, our brand helps senior executives confide in us that they’re looking to make a jump, and our newsletters help us promote your needs to thousands of potential hires.


We have 20+ mentors across the globe, from AI experts to senior VPs of global corporates and thought leaders in the future of education. These mentors support and connect you with the people you need in order to grow your business. We partner with regional institutions, from universities to governments, to large tech firms opening opportunities for business development.


Capital is a mean to do lasting good. Every hour spent on raising capital is an hour less spent on your business. We invest knowing our founders will be raising multiple rounds and are committed to continue investing throughout the journey. We hence are dedicated providing the tools and the access to accelerate our founder's quest for capital.

Think that you've got what it takes?

We love to hear from and connect with new and exciting change makers building disruptive solutions for the next 3 Billion.

Let us know what you're working on