Unequal pay is unacceptable in the eyes of children.
Why should we accept this as adults?

Here at 3B ventures, we also believe that equality should be something that should be implemented in all parts of life, and it has to start with the basic notion that you should get paid the same as any other person that does the same job.

As a proud supporter of the Sustainable Development Goals and the vision set out by the United Nations, we believe that it takes all of them in harmony to realise the entire vision, however it’s important that we look to make the small differences in our society right here and now in order to achieve anything.

According to The Finance Sector Authority in Norway, women get paid on average 20% less than their male counterparts. As a recognition of International Women’s Day, they released the video above to show how absurd this notion should be – and through the perfect truth medium of children.

The balance of equality brings together also a point of balance for an entire organisation, however should we go as far as providing a single salary for the entire company, all the way to the CEO? (As in the case with Gravity Payments who infamously set the minimum wage at $70k)

It’s an interesting question to ponder as we delve further into the thoughts of if a standardised Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the solution (with it’s many pro’s and con’s) – as technological advances mean that more and more people are moved into the skilled labour market, not to mention automation coming into to replace the repetitive and labour intensive tasks from flipping burgers, warehousing / logistics through to insurance underwriting.

What we do know however is that if we first start at least paying the same wage for the same job it’s a huge stride in the right direction.