Making an impact on the lives of the next 3 billion

We're looking to make an impact in the lives of the next 3 billion.

It could be the next 3 billion that will gain access to the internet with their first smartphone, or the next 3 billion that will move from blue collar to white collar roles or the impacting the lives of the 3 billion that currently live under $3 per day - we are working and engaging with entrepreneurs from across the globe to make the difference for our all futures.

Aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals set up by the United Nations, we work with entrepreneurs that have at least one of the goals as part of their mantra.



Using technology to power innovation

Alongside the Sustainable Development Goals, we see our entrepreneurs working and immersing within exponential technologies such as:

Doing it where it counts

We're looking to work with entrepreneurs that are passionate in solving the worlds biggest issues. We believe that we can make a difference and the biggest impact through focusing our efforts through 3 key verticals:

Abundant Solutions

Transforming scarce resources within energy, electricity and water to provide accessible and clean solutions for the next 3 Billion.

People Power

Transforming the future of work and learning, celebrated among all ages, genders, religions and social backgrounds.

Healthy Living

Transforming the way we look at our health and personal wellbeing through what we eat and how we live in order to impact the lives of the next 3 Billion.

Now you know what we do

Tell us about what you want to do to change the world, and how we can help you in the process of making an impact on the lives of the next 3 billion.