For 3B, impact is about improving the lives of the next 3 billion:the next 3 billion coming out of poverty, the next 3 billion joining the formal economy, and the next 3 billion accessing the internet.

We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to align our impacts with globally agreed objectives, estimated to represent US$ 12 trillion of untapped market opportunities.

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We created 3B Advisory and the 3B Institute to support our own investments and work with like-minded organisations to help them determine and achieve their impact goals.This enables us to continually learn, and also to share that learning and contribute to raising the bar across the impact economy.


Builds and shares knowledge to inform decision-making, showcase opportunities and raise the bar in the impact economy


Applies knowledge in practice to turn impact opportunities into value for investors, corporates and start-ups

How we work

Like financial returns, maximising impact requires intent, a clear strategy and reliable management information

Practical and evidence-based solutions

3B Advisory draws on our extensive experience working with investors, development agencies, start-ups and corporates to help them to manage sustainability risks and opportunities and to maximise their impact.

We are passionate about achieving real and lasting impacts. This means being practical about what is achievable and being honest about what has been achieved.

We assist clients to develop solutions that work for them and to establish credible frameworks for measuring results and to learn how to do things better.

Deep experience and global networks

3B Advisory brings together substantial expertise in sustainability, impact strategy and evaluation and investing.

Our Head of Advisory, Stephen Blakeley, has 20 years' experience in over 40 countries including leading pre-investment impact due diligence and global sustainability assurance for KPMG, managing a $130 million climate resilience fund and as a senior advisor to the UK Government's Independent Commission for Aid Impact.

Our specialists based in Europe and South East Asia, along with our global network of experts, can assist clients with market access and on a wide range of sustainability, impact and investment areas.

Linking value and impact to strengthen both

Core to our philosophy is that impact and value can be linked in a way that reinforces both. To achieve this requires a deliberate strategy, ambition and pragmatism.

Whether managing ESG risks, implementing a sustainability strategy or investing in new solutions to global challenges, we work with clients to identify what matters to them and their stakeholders and where they can make the biggest difference.


Our advisory services

For investors

We deliver impact investing as a service.

We help investors determine their impact investment strategy and how it will be measured. Our objective is to embed impact in investments in a way that supports the business's growth and continues to scale after exit.

We provide complete investment lifecycle support from lead generation and deal sourcing, to impact due diligence and performance management, to portfolio impact evaluation and learning.

For start-ups

We help start-ups to embed impact into their business plan and help to demonstrate how it adds value to potential investors.

We can help start-ups to prepare for pre-investment due diligence and strengthen governance structures as they scale.

Using 3B Ventures' experience and networks we also assist start-ups to access markets in South-East Asia.

For corporates

We work with corporates to help identify SDG opportunities and design innovation programmes to enhance corporate sustainability strategy and processes. We can help toassess, measure, address and report a wide range of governance, health, environmental, human rights, and social/community issues and impacts.

We can also provide online and face-to face training and learning programmes to enhance understanding of how sustainability and SDGs relate to the business.

3B Institute

The 3B Institute aims to build and share knowledge and 3B's experience of what has worked, what has not, and what we've learned along the way.

There is a lot of noise in the impact investing space but that does not always mean impact is real, additional, sustainable and scaleable. Our ambition is to bring rigour, honesty and pragmatism to help us all work towards a better future.

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